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Healthcare IT

ATP is proud of our work in the Health IT space. We are honored for the role our team played in the foundational research that led to the development of the mRNA vaccines for Pfizer and Moderna. Our team of bio and technology engineers supports Department of Defense (DoD) scientists by maintaining laboratory equipment that is optimally operational and calibrated for precision. We have:

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Our cybersecurity and security teams have vast experience with all aspects of security in the new digital domain. We have provided services to government agencies that include providing Information System Security Officers (ISSO), IA, Risk Management Framework, Identity and Access Management, Network and Application Security. We have:

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Network Engineering

Our team of network and telecommunications engineers have successfully completed several network engineering projects for the DoD and civilian agencies. Our team has the expertise to design, install, manage, and support a network throughout its lifecycle. To that end, we have:

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We help our clients achieve their mission objectives by providing systems designs, development, installations, and support. We have:

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ATP’s software engineers are proud of the role we have played in helping our client achieve their missions. Our work and support of scientific research in the areas of bioimaging, laboratory information systems, instrument rating and calibration helped scientists to develop effective vaccines during the pandemic. We have:

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